Internacional Day of Peace: My Speech in interconfesional event in ¨United for Human Rights¨ in Clearwater

20150921_102738Somebody said once with great wisdom that peace was more than the ceasing of bombing. Holy Scriptures declare in one of its texts an Ooh!, for those who say: Peace, Peace, and there is not Peace.

It is well known that Peace is possible in the middle of a storm as it
is also possible not to have it when being in a paradisiac oasis of
And it is that Peace starts in the heart and soul of people. In the same
place where wars start, as the Bible states in the Book of James 4.1:
Where the wars and fights among yourselves come from? Is it not your
passions which you fight on your members?
In the modern world, preceding by two world wars, which atrocities
follow us like ghosts from the 20th Century, other outbreaks threaten
constantly to become in a new worldwide conflagration. But we cannot
only show as places inclined of warmongering those where bombs explode
daily or are ready to explode as the territories of Syria and Iraq,
occupied by the called Islamic State, the threat of North Korea to push
the button of their lovely bomb or the efforts of Iran to make it.
Many of our countries and cities where not declared armed conflicts
exist are scenes of violence where each minute a Cain is killing some
Abel: Venezuela and Mexico are bleeding. The Cuban archipelago where I
live had suffered for decades the escape of its best sons that prefer to
throw themselves to the sharks or go for a dangerous adventure, at the
mercy of the Central America’s mob, instead to try to build a
coexistence of peace, respect and tolerance in their own land. Here, in
Tampa or in Clearwater, when somebody manages to step over the Rights of
its neighbor, it is sabotaging and endangering the peace in the world.
It is necessary to set aside any selfishness and to work to search for
the common good that is the survival for everybody. Each one of us have
to start finding personal peace, if we want that for the local
community, the country and the world.
Do you feel worried about the Peace in Tampa? Do you feel worried about
the Peace in United States? Do you feel worried about the Peace in Cuba?
Do you feel worried about the world Peace? Start with yourself right
now. Peace has to start first in yourself. And when you feel it, you
will be a peacemaker wherever you are. You will make peace valuable
because you will live peace. You will make yours the bliss that states:
“Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be fulfilled.”
That this International Day of Peace do not be the exclusive day to talk
about peace and get it. That this day will be a day of beginning for you
if you discovered that worried as you were about the peace of the Middle
East or your neighborhood you didn’t realize that the first person
that needed it was you.That this International Day of Peace and that
this so special meeting that bring us all together here today under the
same roof be unforgettable and that contributes to its target: multiply
peace. Peace!